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Welcome to The Appledore Residents Association

The Appledore Residents Association's aims are to enhance and optimise the quality of life for Appledore residents, local people working together for our local community. The Appledore Residents Association committee meet on a monthly basis, there are two Members' meetings in June and November and an AGM in March each year.  Members of the committee attending the Northam Town Council's planning meetings twice a month and the full Council meetings every month, also other meetings, hearings relating to the local neighbourhood plan, local plan etc.

Please note that the ARA will not be holding any public meetings during 2020; the committee meetings are held monthly virtually.  There has been a technical problem with uploading the AGM minutes which we are trying to resolve.  If anyone would like a copy of the minutes please use the contact email.

We welcome new members to the Residents Association who wish to protect the heritage of this unique village.

Thank you to all the people who came to the AGM and became members.  If you were not able to come to the meeting you can still be a member by contacting one of the committee and we can prepare a membership card for you.

PLEASE NOTE - subscriptions for 2020 are now due.

Membership is per individual and is £3 per person.  You may renew your subscription by completing the membership form and deliver it to one of the committee, preferably the Treasurer at 37 Bude Street. 


There is a proposed development of 130 houses, in the first phase, by Baker Estates.  A public viewing took place on 19 July 2018 and this development is going to have an impact on the infrastructure of Appledore.  If you are interested in being part of the group which has been formed to ensure that all aspects of the planning application are adhered to and that the development does not expand beyond the boundaries proposed, please contact the ARA Secretary.

It is important that as many objections as possible are received so Torridge District Council understand how concerned the residents of Appledore are about the impact of this development on the infrastructure of the village.  One of the main issues relates to the highways and traffic which could result in Pitt Hill becoming a thoroughfare for people living in this new development accessing the village and also the sheer volume of additional cars on Churchill Way and Wooda Road.  There will be an impact on the flora and fauna that inhabit these green fields.  We know that the shipyard will no longer be leased by Babcocks but there is a strong likelihood that another shipbuilding company will take over the premises, however, with a housing development close by this could be a concern to any company considering setting up due to noise pollution.  However, it is very important to Appledore that the maritime heritage is maintained and that the skilled people are able to work close to their homes.  To object you can go to, register as a user, search for this planning application and write your objection; or send an email to planning This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; or write to Planning Department, Torridge District Council, Riverbank House, Bideford EX39 2QG.  In all objections please state the reference 1/1343/2018/OUTM.


the outline application was 1/0202/2019/OUT and the appeal reference is APP/W1145/W/3244122.  Please make your objections at or by emailing  On this occasion even the TDC Planning office refused the outline application and the TDC Plans Committee.  The ARA will be sending another objection if you need guidelines on what to object to.

YET ANOTHER OUTLINE PLANNING APPLICATION WILL BE LODGE IN THE NEXT FEW WEEKS TO DEVELOP THE FIELD BEHIND THE FOOTBALL GROUND WITH 26 HOUSES - the ARA will be monitoring this and will publish the details as soon as they are available, so you are able to object to yet another development covering green fields.



The Northam Neighbourhood Plan Consultation - On Friday 22 March 2019 there was a presentation by Cllr Chris Leather of the various policies which have been prepared by the Steering Group.  There are 20 draft policies and copies of these policies can be found at the Library or on the website  It is very important that the Steering Group receive feedback on these policies which will complement, enhance and add value to the Local Plan.  

The policies cover the following topics:  1  Local Green Spaces, 2  Prevention of Coalescence between Settlements, 3  Retaining the character of the rural landscape between settlements, 4  Protection and Enhancement of Boundaries between Settlements, 5  Protecting Valued Views, 6  Protection of Heritage Assets, 7  Protection of Biodiversity, 8  Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction, 9  Cycle and Pedestrian Routes, 10  Residential Care and Nursing Homes, 11  Quality of Design, 12  Footprint for new, redeveloped and replacement dwellings, 13  Full-time principal residence housing (Appledore), 14  Parking provision, 15  Size of dwellings, 16  Broadband, 17  Business,  18  Tourism attractions and accommodation, 19  Richmond Dock, 20  Appledore Shipyard Site.

Following the various meetings there has been a lot of feedback and the Steering Group will be meeting in May to incorporate the comments into the policies.  Once this has been done the policies will be made public so any further comments can be made.  Please ensure that you look at these documents as they are important for the future of Appledore and surrounding areas.