Welcome to The Appledore Residents Association

The Appledore Residents Association's aims are to enhance and optimise the quality of life for Appledore residents, local people working together for our local community. The Appledore Residents Association committee meets on a monthly basis, there are two Members' meetings in June and November and an AGM in March each year.  Members of the committee attend the Northam Town Council's planning meetings twice a month and the full Council meetings every month, also other meetings, hearings relating to the local neighbourhood plan, local plan etc.

Please note that the ARA will not be holding any public meetings during 2020; the committee meetings are held monthly virtually.  The minutes of the AGM held on 2 March 2020 are now available on line.

We welcome new members to the Residents Association who wish to protect the heritage of this unique village.  We would also welcome nominations for committee members, so if you are interested in joining the committee please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

PLEASE NOTE - subscriptions for 2021 will be due in January 2021.  We are encouraging members to set up a standing order for £3 per person; membership is individual.  Please complete the membership form and forward it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  If you prefer to pay in cash please deliver it to Shalimar (house on the corner of Tomouth and Pitt), Tomouth Road, Appledore.  The membership form can be found under the Membership tab.

PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT OF THE LAND ADJOINING PITT HILL AND Wooda Road - 1/1343/2018/OUTM and 1/0871/2020/REMM  The reserved matters application has now been published on the Torridge District Council website - there are 90 documents to review.  The reserved matters will be discussed at the Northam Town Council Planning Committee meeting on Wednesday 11 November 2020 at 18h.  It is a Zoom meeting and the joining details are included on the agenda.  Individuals can speak for three minutes.  One of ARA's many concerns is the amount of traffic that will be using Pitt Lane, especially with the additional planning application for an additional 27 dwellings 1/0769/2020/OUTM.  We have written to the committee members of HATOC but while the responses have voiced concern they do not contain any ideas on how to limit the amount of traffic which might be using Pitt Lane as a rat run to access the village.  One of the issues is the entrance to Appledore Primary School on Pitt Lane - there are many parents with children and prams using the lane and as it is so narrow there is nowhere to go when cars/vans/lorries are driving either up or down the lane.

OUTLINE PLANNING APPLICATION 1/0604/2020/OUTM for 39 dwellings on greed field sites which are NOT in the local plan.  

The government published a White Paper on planning reform at the beginning of August with a twelve-week consultation period.  A key proposal is to remove local councils' powers to block housing development with a 'permission in principle' on new zoned land categories.  All land in local authority areas to be designated either for renewal, development or protection; developers wanting to build on the first two categories would not have to go through the full planning process.  Areas of outstanding beauty and green belts designated for protection.  New standards to ensure properties match the style of existing homes.  A new system of developer contributions to local infrastructure.  It is important that this White Paper is reviewed in detail so comments can be submitted to government.  The ARA has responded to the 26+ questions and has emphasised that planning should be at local level not national.